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Team 1 Members

Rosabon Financial Service Engages Staff in Business Simulation Game

As part of Rosabon Financial Service continuous plans to see members of our workforce develop, learn and grow in their various career fields, we recently organized and concluded the first of many Business Simulation Game to be held to ensure our staff development.

Simulation Game
Business Simulation Game

The first edition of the Business Simulation Game involved two different teams selected from various departments within the company, each team had to undergo numerous rigorous tasks, where they had to come up with business ideas, company name, staff recruitments, sales, marketing, basically everything a standard company does.


Team 1 named their company Kaizen Technology Ltd, while Team 2 company’s name was Orbit Solutions, both companies, computer technology based firms dealt in the production and sales of computers, laptops and other computer accessories.


The game which was simulated for a period of six weeks, was rendered into six quarters(one and half years) in the simulation game. At the end of the sixth Quarter (sixth week), which marked the end of the first business simulation game, Kaizen Technology (Team 1) emerged the winners ahead of Orbit Solutions (Team 2).

Team 1 Members
Team 1 Members (Kazien Technology)

We spoke with the team members of Kaizen Technology at the end of the game and here is what they had to say:


Fortunate Nnaji (Production Manager) – “I remember waking up by 3am in the morning to complete my aspect as the productions vp. This was 5 days before the deadline for the submission of the result for that quarter and i was still excited about getting it done on time. Although the simulation started out as confounding in many ways, once I took my time to understand all the information provided as it related to working with my team, it got very interactive and educative. it is truly an experience i recommend for every staff of the organisation with different learning points and a great bonding exercise.”


Okooboh Anita ( Marketing Manager) – “The game brought to light the roles and importance of a marketing team in the success of an organization and understanding how best to execute different marketing strategies for maximum success.”


Ayowale Ayodele (Sales Manager) – “I know the paths to take in achieving maximum sales.”


Adeiye Oyinkansola (HR Manager) – “Staff satisfaction is core in any organization. This and more was my experience participating in the game.”


Adeniregun Adedolapo (Accounts and Finance Manager) – “Being in charge of the day to day finance of the company helped me understand the role of finance in the growth of any company’s wealth.”


Okoro Chidera (Business Analytics) – “Planning a company’s business operations takes expertise and is vital for role execution.”

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